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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies


by William Golding

Lord of the Flies Innocence Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Three small children, no older than Johnny, appeared from startlingly close at hand where they had been gorging fruit in the forest. A dark little boy, not much younger than Piggy, parted a tangle of undergrowth, walked on to the platform, and smiled cheerfully at everybody. More and more of them came. Taking their cue from the innocent Johnny, they sat down on the fallen palm trunks and waited. Ralph continued to blow short, penetrating blasts. (1)

At this point, everyone is innocent like little Johnny with his "cheerful" smile. Everyone's ready to pull together like good little British boys… which is going to last approximately two days.

Quote #8

"You can take spears if you want but I shan't. What's the good? I'll have to be led like a dog, anyhow. Yes, laugh. Go on, laugh. There's them on this island as would laugh at anything. And what happened? What's grown-ups goin' to think? Young Simon was murdered. (11)

With the word "murdered," Piggy lays it out: there's no going back. They've killed another human being, a boy like themselves. Oh, and that boy was basically the personification of innocence and a Christ-figure, so, yeah. They're in trouble. (Check out Simon's "Character Analysis" for more about Simon and Jesus.)

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