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Lord of the Flies Jack Quotes


Quote 7

"I expect the beast disguised himself."

"Perhaps […]. We'd better keep on the right side of him, anyhow. You can't tell what he might do."

The tribe considered this; and then were shaken, as if by a flow of wind. The chief saw the effect of his words and stood abruptly. (10.142-143)

Fear, says Golding, is one of a leader's most powerful tools for controlling a society. (And this is before anyone had to stand barefoot in an airport security line.)


Quote 8

The suffusion drained away from Jack's face. Ralph waved again for silence.

"Jack's in charge of the choir. They can be—what do you want them be?"


Jack and Ralph smiled at each other with shy liking. The rest began to talk eagerly. (1.254-257)

Check out how Ralph gets Jack on his side by sharing power. He's set up to be a good leader, taking into account the needs and desires of his group. Too bad it's not going to last.


Quote 9

“You're no good on a job like this.”

“All the same –”

“We don’t want you,” said Jack, flatly. “Three’s enough.” (1.274-276)

While Ralph and Jack both assert authority over Piggy, Ralph at least tries to explain his reasoning (the mark of a good leader), whereas Jack brings personal insult to the matter (the mark of a bad leader).