Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Flies
by William Golding

Lord of the Flies Ralph Quotes Page 6

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Quote 16

You can see who I am!" [Ralph] shouted. "Stop being silly!"

He put the conch to his lips and began to blow. Savages appeared, painted out of recognition, edging round the ledge toward the neck. They carried spears and disposed themselves to defend the entrance. (11.106-107)

This "You can see who I am!" is Ralph's major weapon. He asserts his identity hoping that it'll let him reason with the boys—but it doesn't mean anything, since the boys are beyond things like "identity" now.

Quote 17

He tried to remember.

“Smoke,” he said, “we want smoke.”

He turned on the twins fiercely.

“I said ‘smoke’! We’ve got to have smoke.”

There was silence, except for the multitudinous murmur of the bees. At last Piggy spoke, kindly.

“’Course we have. ’Cos the smoke’s a signal and we can’t be rescued if we don’t have smoke.”

“I knew that!” Shouted Ralph. He pulled his arm away from Piggy. “Are you suggesting–?” (11.73-78)

Ralph’s ability to think falls victim to the chaos of the island. Only Piggy remains a pillar of reason. So you can imagine what it means when Piggy later gets smashed on the rocks.

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