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Roger Timeline and Summary

  • Roger is introduced as “slight,” “furtive,” and with an “inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy.”
  • Roger is the boy to suggest that they have a vote, rather than allow Jack to become chief automatically.
  • Roger smashes the sandcastles of the three littluns: Henry, Percival, and Johnny.
  • Roger follows Henry as he wanders off after the sandcastle incident and throws stones at him – missing intentionally.
  • There is some very subtle suggestion that Roger harbors resentment for Jack.
  • Roger finds some fresh and steaming pig poo; he excitedly points this out to the others.
  • Roger climbs the mountain with Jack and Ralph to investigate the beast. All three run away.
  • Shortly after Jack has announced that he’s having a feast, Piggy and Ralph realize that Roger, among many others, is missing.
  • Roger is there with everyone else when Simon is brutally killed.
  • After the pig kill, Jack tells Roger to sharpen a stick at both ends.
  • Roger and Robert discuss Jack and how he is a “real chief.” Roger admires the catapult that’s been created by the log jammed under the rock.
  • Roger learns from Robert that Jack is going to beat Wilfred.
  • At Castle Rock, Roger climbs up to the highest point and leans on the log-lever. He sends the huge boulder tumbling down onto Piggy, who is knocked forty feet below to his gruesome death.
  • In dealing with the newly captured Sam and Eric, we see a competitive element between Roger and Jack. The chapter ends with Roger advancing with new authority toward the helpless twins.
  • We hear some ominous words from Sam and Eric, suggesting that Roger is raving mad, likes inflicting pain, and is even worse than Jack.