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Lord Randall

Lord Randall


by Anonymous

Lord Randall Resources


Looking for More History?

You can read a brief history of this ballad and its other variants at this site, and hear one of the tunes it's commonly sung to.

For all you musicians out there…

Here you'll find sheet music for one version of "Lord Randall."

Visit Scotland!

Feeling inspired to take your own trip to the "wild wood"? Take a look at this image gallery of beautiful Scotland to get a feel for Lord Randall's setting…

Interested in this Version? Check out the Others.

Here, you can see 14 other variants on "Lord Randall" collected by Francis J. Child in his famous compendium of ballads of the British Isles.

The Tip of the (Ballad) Iceberg

If you liked "Lord Randall," you might also enjoy some of the other traditional ballads collected by Child – a lot of them are creepy and cool, and they're all pretty excellent stories.


First, a Lute-less Version

Here's a particularly authentic-sounding, unaccompanied sung version of the ballad.

And Now, with 100% More Lute!

Here's another traditional musical setting of "Lord Randall," with musical accompaniment.

Lord Randall in America

Here's a bluegrassy, Appalachian version of the song.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Well, not completely. Okay, this is almost completely a non sequitur, but here's another song about betrayal, from another classic source – MTV's most amazing show ever, Daria.


One More Musical Setting

Here's another simple musical version, which offers a karaoke-style scrolling lyrics, and its own interpretation of the poem…

Straight Up Poetry Style

Here's "Lord Randall," without all the musical mumbo-jumbo.


"Lord Randall," Illustrated

That redhead is clearly up to no good.

Henry I

Pre-lamprey poisoning, of course.

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