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Lord Randall

Lord Randall


by Anonymous

Stanza 4 Summary

Get out the microscope, because we’re going through this poem line-by-line.

Lines 13-14

"What became of your bloodhounds, Lord Randall my son?
What became of your bloodhounds, my handsome young man?"

  • Lord Randall's mother notices that his dogs (bloodhounds are a kind of hunting dog) are missing. Where did they go?
  • More nagging questions from the mom. More worries for us readers.

Lines 15-16

"O they swelled and they died mother, make my bed soon,
For I'm weary wi' hunting, and fain wald lie down."

  • Oh dear… the dogs, it turns out, met a terrible end. They didn't just die—they swelled and they died, which is particularly awful (and by awful, we mean gross). They clearly met an unnatural death. 
  • The refrain swoops in for a fourth go-around. Clearly, the air of menace that has been building with every repetition has come to a head here, with this evidence of tragic dog-murder. We're starting to get the idea that poor Randy is weary from more than just hunting. 
  • Look out next time—the refrain will definitely change in the fifth stanza.

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