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The Lottery

The Lottery


by Shirley Jackson

Mr. (Joe) Summers Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Summers arrives in the square a little late.
  • He sets down the black box on a three-legged stool produced by Mr. Graves.
  • We discover that Mr. Summers has tried to replace the box, with little success; he has, however, introduced paper strips to the lottery.
  • He composes lists of the households and heads of households in the village.
  • Mr. Summers is sworn in as the officiator of the lottery by Mr. Graves.
  • He begins the lottery, saying "we better get started, get this over with, so's we can go back to work" (10).
  • Mr. Summers calls each head of the household to draw a strip of paper from the black box, starting with Mr. Adams and ending with Zanini.
  • He keeps the drawing going efficiently, so that it can be finished on time.
  • He acknowledges that Bill has drawn the marked strip of paper in the first round of the lottery, and directs the rest of the Hutchinson family to draw again.
  • Mr. Summers declares, "It's Tessie" (73) and then, "All right folks [...] let's finish quickly" (75).
  • With Mr. Summers's pronouncement, the stoning begins.