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The Lottery

The Lottery


by Shirley Jackson

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Reading Quiz


1. What time of year is it in the story?
2. Where do the villagers meet?
3. What do the boys start collecting?
4. What is Mr. Summers carrying?
5. Name one way in which the ritual of the lottery has changed over the years.
6. Why is Dunbar unable to draw from the box, and who is drawing from the box in his place?
7. What are the rules of the lottery?
8. How do other villages feel about the lottery?
9. What must Bill Hutchinson's family do after he finds out that he has "it."
10. What happens after Tess Hutchinson draws a piece of paper with a black dot on it?


1. Summer
2. In the town square
3. Smooth, round stones
4. A black wooden box
5. They used to use wood chips instead of slips of paper; there used to be a salute used to address the person drawing from the box, whereas now the official merely speaks to the person drawing
6. Dunbar is unable to draw from the box because he has a broken leg, so his wife is drawing for him
7. Mr. Summers calls for the head of household from each family, who then takes a slip of paper from the black box, and keeps it hidden until everyone has had their turn
8. Some villages have given up the lottery, and others have discussed giving it up
9. Each of the Hutchinson's are forced to choose one of 5 slips of paper that have gone into the black box
10. The other villagers begin throwing stones at her