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The Lottery

The Lottery


by Shirley Jackson

The Lottery Resources

Movie or TV Productions

The Lottery, 1969

Academic Film Archive ranked this movie "as one of the two best-selling educational films ever." It follows the story quite faithfully.

The Lottery, 1996

This is the 1996, made for TV version of Jackson's classic. It features Keri Russell of Felicity.

The Lottery, 2007

A 2007 short film.


Part 1 of the 1969 film

The film is quite faithful to the story.

Part 2 of the 1969 film

Very disturbing.


Shirley Jackson
A photograph of the author.


Salon.com Article
Here's some further reading for those interested in learning more about the possible inspirations for "The Lottery."


Jackson Research Resources
For those of you who want to do additional Jackson research.

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