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Cost of the Louisiana Purchase: $15 million
Cost per acre: 3 cents1

Land area added to United States by the Louisiana Purchase: 828,000 square miles2

Approximate ratio of the size of the Louisiana Purchase to the size of United States prior to the Louisiana Purchase: 1:1

1789 rank of Saint-Domingue (Haiti) among the world's most valuable colonies: 13
2007 rank of Haiti, among the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere: 14

Number of soldiers in Napoleon's army killed in Saint-Domingue (Haiti): 27,000
Number of soldiers in Napoleon's army killed at Waterloo: 25,000

Number of rifles carried by Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery on their journey to the Pacific: 15
Number of blankets: 15
Number of knives: 288
Number of brass thimbles: 288
Number of Dr. Rush's patented "Rush's Thunderclappers" pills: 50 dozen
Pounds of soap: 12
Number of copies of Linnaeus, the Latin classification of plants: 1
Number of maps: 15

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