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Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera


by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

 Table of Contents

Love in the Time of Cholera Characters

Meet the Cast

Florentino Ariza

For the protagonist of a romance, Florentino is kind of a weird dude. Sure, he's got his share of teenage admirers when he's young, because he can play the violin and recite sappy poetry, but he's...

Fermina Daza

Are you tired of reading romances where the heroine is always perfect? Oh sure, Bella in Twilight may have a bit of an insecurity issue, but her excessive humility only makes her more charming. J...

Dr. Juvenal Urbino

Dr. Urbino is the perfect image of the modern man. He's got a first-rate education in medicine, and he follows the latest trends in European science, literature, and art. He has nearly perfect at...

Aunt Escolástica

Aunt Escolástica is Fermina's aunt and Lorenzo's sister. She spends her forties looking after her teenage niece, acting as a mother figure for the young girl. Fermina teaches Aunt Escolástica t...

América Vicuña

América Vicuña enters the custody of Florentino Ariza, her elderly relative, at the age of twelve when she moves from a small fishing village to the big city to study. At first glance she inspir...

Leona Cassiani

Leona is a highly significant character in Florentino Ariza's life.  The two of them are remarkably similar – one might argue that she is the female version of himself.  Thought they ar...

Hildebranda Sánchez

Hildebranda Sánchez is, for most of the novel, Fermina Daza's only friend. She's also her cousin. Fermina doesn't get out a lot.Hildebranda and Fermina find themselves in a similar situation in...

Tránsito Ariza

Tránsito Ariza is Florentino's mother, a hardworking and practical lady who makes good money running a pawnshop out of her home.  Her name means "traffic," so it stands to reason that she'd b...
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