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Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera


by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Chapter 1


1. What is the profession of Dr. Juvenal Urbino's friend who commits suicide?
2. How old is Dr. Urbino?
3. Where did Dr. Urbino meet Jeremiah de Saint-Amour?
4. What movie did Jeremiah see the night before his death?
5. How old was Jeremiah when he killed himself?
6. What kind of tree does Dr. Urbino's parrot fly into?
7. What odd thing does Dr. Urbino enjoy the smell of?
8. Who is heir to Jeremiah's estate?
9. What event do Dr. Urbino and Fermina attend before going to Jeremiah's funeral?
10. What is the profession of Dr. Urbino and Femina's son?


1. Photographer
2. 81
3. At a chess tournament.
4. All Quiet on the Western Front.
5. 60
6. A mango tree.
7. His own urine (after eating asparagus).
8. A poor middle-aged woman he was having an affair with.
9. A luncheon to celebrate the career of a doctor whom Dr. Urbino mentored.
10. He is also a doctor.