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Love the Way You Lie

Love the Way You Lie


by Eminem & Rihanna


See It and Stop It

A smart, youth-driven site with lots of detailed information about how to support people in abusive relationships—including those who are abusive. If you've ever wondered why someone didn't leave, this is a good place to start reading up.

Break the Cycle

A website by and about young people working to end dating violence. The "Dating Violence 101" page includes a power wheel that shows how abusive people may try to control partners.

"Beyond Chris Brown and Rihanna" (2009)

An article by two young women breaks down myths and realities about domestic violence as they are reflected in the media response to Rihanna's assault by Chris Brown.

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men & Women

This resource is especially intentional about providing resources for men as well as women who are abused. Although women are the majority, men who are abused are often overlooked.

SPIN Magazine 2000 Eminem Profile

This is the best we've seen in terms of an up close and personal view of the harsh, contradictory image of Eminem.

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