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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones


by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones Epilogue: Bones Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Grandma Lynn passes away several years later, but Susie hasn't seen her yet.
  • Susie peeks at Earth only occasionally now.
  • Samuel and Lindsey get married and Ruth's dad lets Samuel buy the old Victorian house, letting Samuel pay him in labor – he hires Samuel to be part of his renovation company.
  • Samuel and Lindsey rough it while the house is being restored, and soon Lindsey becomes pregnant.
  • Ray has become a doctor, and Ruth is still in New York, trying to find a way to express what she knows about the dead.
  • Susie is in the big "H" Heaven now, and has lots of fun. You can have things in this Heaven that aren't available in others.
  • One day, Susie and her Granddaddy are watching Earth. She sees Mr. Harvey get off a Greyhound bus, go into a diner, and order coffee.
  • He notices a teenage girl, and follows her out behind the diner to the bus station.
  • He looks at the deep ravine right in front of them and plans his next move.
  • He tries to talk to the girl, but she blows him off and walks away.
  • Susie notices that there are lots of thick icicles hanging over Harvey's head.
  • Then one of those icicles falls, knocking Mr. Harvey off his balance and into the ravine, where his body won't be found until the snow thaws.
  • Later, Susie watches Lindsey working in her garden. She watches Samuel bring their daughter, Abigail Suzanne, out to her.
  • One day Susie sees a man showing his wife Susie's charm bracelet. He'd found it at the industrial park, recently bulldozed.
  • His wife says, "This little girl's grown up by now" (Epilogue.37).
  • Susie thinks, "Almost. Not quite," and wishes us "all a long and happy life" (Epilogue.38-40).

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