The Lovely Bones
The Lovely Bones
by Alice Sebold

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Quote #1

My mother had been the one who knew the meaning of every charm on my bracelet – where we had gotten it and why I like it. She made a meticulous list of what I'd carried and worn. (2.47)

This intimate knowledge of the details of her daughter makes us feel Abigail's love for Susie. It also pleases Susie to no end, because she's in the phase of her ghosthood where being remembered and talking about is very important.

Quote #2

Yes, he had written Susie Salmon a love note. Yes, he had put it in her notebook […]. (2.100)

What a bitter pill! Susie doesn't even get to read her very first love note before she dies.

Quote #3

He christened the walls and wooden chair with the news of my death, and afterwards he stood in the guest room/den surrounded by green glass. (3.64)

Here Jack is shattering the ships in the bottles that Susie used to help him complete. His anger is an expression of his love, and he is afterwards able to see Susie's projected image in the glass.

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