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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

Mortality Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #10

Heading north on First, she could tick off all the places she'd formerly stopped and stood, certain that she'd found a spot where a woman or girl had been killed. (18.9)

Ruth, as a result of deep interest and being touched by ghost Susie, exists on a plane where she can understand these crime scenes. New York City becomes a map of the places where women and girls were killed. Like Susie, Ruth focuses on female victims.

Quote #11

A moment later, the icicle fell. They heavy coldness of it threw him off balance just enough for him to stumble and pitch forward. I would be weeks before the snow in the ravine melted enough to uncover him. (Epilogue.30)

We feel like Susie helped the icicle fall, but there's just no way to know! How frustrating. What do you think? What or who makes the icicle fall? Does it just fall by itself?

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