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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones


by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones Resources


Sebold's Current Webpage

This focuses on her latest book, The Almost Moon.

Sebold's Page at Hachette Books

Be sure and click on the links to two essays written by Sebold.

The Website for the Film

The music is slightly sappy, but this is still a neat website.

Alice Sebold's Facebook Page

You know you want to friend her!

Serial Murder

Read what the FBI has to say about serial killers.

Movie or TV Productions

The 2009 Film Adaptation
Directed by Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame.


An Interview

Alice Sebold discusses writing Lucky and The Lovely Bones.

A Review

This is, like most, a positive review. It's from The Christian Science Monitor.

Another Review

This one is from Salon's Laura Miller.

Movie Review

This review from the Telegraph is like most of the film's reviews – thumbs down. This article calls the movie "a turkey, a pig's ear, a mad cow of a film."

Another Review of the Film

This one is from EW. They're not really fans either.

"A Day Out With Saoirse Ronan and Rose McIver"

Meet the girls who play Susie and Lindsey in the movie.


A article from People about Sebold and The Lovely Bones.


A Video Interview

See what Stanley Tucci, who plays Mr. Harvey in the movie, has to say about his role.

The Hollywood Premier of the Film

Be there with the stars!

An Interview

Saoirse Ronan (Susie) and Rose McIver (Lindsey) give an interview.


Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings"
Susie and her grandfather dance to this song in heaven.


The Author

Here Alice Sebold looks infinitely wise.

A Book Cover

This cover is far less creepy than the one that came out with the movie.

A Book Cover

And here's the book cover that came out with the movie.

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