The Lovely Bones
The Lovely Bones
by Alice Sebold

Rules and Order Quotes in The Lovely Bones Page 3

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Quote #7

"5! 5! 5!" (14.51)

Lindsey's soccer jersey flashing at him as she escapes his clutches with evidence of his crimes represents the destruction of Harvey's ability to blend into society. It puts him on a path to deeper disintegration. Yet, it is not, for him, a reminder of what he did to Susie.

Quote #8

"Well, that person who did it had built something underground, a hole, and then I confess I began to worry about it and detail it the way I did the dollhouses, and I gave it a chimney and a shelf, and, well, that's just my habit." (15.38)

This is just a bit too much. If we were the cops, we would have arrested him then and there. We can't blame Len for this one. Oh, yes we can, he was at the mall with Abigail. Oh well, if Susie doesn't hold it against him, neither do we.

Quote #9

He wanted to give the charm back to my father from the first moment he was able to confirm it was mine. Doing so was breaking the rules, but he never had a body for them […]. (20.6)

Len's gesture is appreciated, at least by Jack. Again, we see him trying to create order in a disorderly world, even if it means not going by procedure. Of course, he's also hoping to disrupt a little order here, too. He probably wouldn't mind if Abigail chose him over Jack.

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