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Love's Labour's Lost Act 5, Scene 1 Summary

  • Holofernes, Sir Nathaniel and Dull enter from dinner. Nathaniel is up to his usual obsequious (brown-nosing) tricks with Holofernes. He contrasts the schoolmaster's edifying conversation with that of Armado.
  • Armado seems to be a sore spot with Holofernes, who busts into a long critique of Armado's ornate communication style.
  • The schoolmaster and curate are showing off their Latin skills when Armado enters with Moth and Costard.
  • Moth is, as usual, not so respectful, and gets into a playful battle of wits with clueless Holofernes. Moth wins.
  • Armado invites Holofernes to take a little walk and hear his proposal. After a good bit of bragging, Armado comes out with it: the King wants him to organize a pageant. Having heard that Holofernes and Nathaniel are good at such things, he's asking for their help.
  • Holofernes doesn't miss a beat. They'll present a pageant of the Nine Worthies—great men in History. Nathaniel, Armado, Costard, and Moth will all have parts, and Holofernes will play three heroes himself. Dull will dance.

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