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Armado Timeline and Summary

  • Armado sends a letter to the King, accusing Costard of the treasonous act of consorting with a woman.
  • He moans to his page, Moth, about his love for Jaquenetta. Arriving with Dull and Costard, Jaquenetta rejects him.
  • Armado puts Costard in jail and resolves to write a love letter.
  • In total defiance of the King's decree, Armado releases Costard to carry his letter to Jaquenetta. The clown mixes up the letters and delivers Armado's to the Princess.
  • Armado enlists the rustics to help him put on a play for the nobles. He will play Hector.
  • During the play, Costard tells Armado that Jaquenetta is pregnant by him. He promises to "hold her plough" for three years.