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Berowne Timeline and Summary

  • Berowne reluctantly agrees to the King's oath.
  • Rosaline arrives with the Princess of France, and Berowne falls in love with her.
  • Breaking his oath, he sends a love letter to Rosaline by way of Costard.
  • Berowne watches as all three of his compatriots recite the love letters they've written, then jumps out of his tree and scolds them for breaking their oaths.
  • Berowne pretends that he alone has not broken the oath. Little does he know that Costard is on his way with Berowne's treasonous love letter.
  • Arguing passionately for the value of love, Berowne convinces his friends to abandon their vow.
  • Dressed like a Russian, Berowne unknowingly sweet-talks the Princess (believing her to be Rosaline). He's mad when he finds out the women's identity.
  • When Rosaline has to leave for France due to the King's death, she makes Berowne promise to spend a year as comedian for the sick.