Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Lost
by William Shakespeare
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Love's Labour's Lost Cunning and Cleverness Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

KATHARINE: Yes, madam; and, moreover,
Some thousand verses of a faithful lover;
A huge translation of hypocrisy,
Vilely compil'd, profound simplicity. (5.2.28)

Katharine seems to take Dumain's love letter as a trick. Remember – she's the one whose sister died of love.

Quote #8

PRINCESS OF FRANCE: Twenty adieus, my frozen Muscovits.
Are these the breed of wits so wondered at?
BOYET: Tapers they are, with your sweet breaths puff'd out. (5.2.134-135)

The Princess enjoys the women's undeniable victory over the men. Words are their weapons.

Quote #9

BEROWNE: This fellow pecks up wit as pigeons pease,
And utters it again when God doth please. (5.2.162)

Berowne is jealous of Boyet's intimacy with Rosaline and calls him a brown-nosing, "honey-tongued" servant. This quote is yet another indication that Berowne has feelings for the lady.

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