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Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour's Lost


by William Shakespeare

King of Navarre Timeline and Summary

  • The King and his men take an oath to study for three years, and not to see any women.
  • The Princess of France arrives, and the King falls in love with her. To preserve his honor, he still won't let her in the house.
  • The King writes a love letter to the Princess and reads it aloud, overheard by Berowne.
  • Eavesdropping on Longaville and Dumain as they read their love letters out loud, the King hypocritically accuses them of breaking their oaths.
  • Berowne accuses the King of the same thing.
  • The King gives the okay for all to break their oaths and court the women.
  • Charging Armado with pageant preparations, the King and his men dress up like Russians to visit the women. Each is laughed out of their costumes, and tricked into talking to the wrong girl.
  • Returning undisguised, the King apologizes for their fun.
  • When the Princess proposes to leave because of her father's death, the King asks her to stay.
  • She requests that he wait a year in a monastery for her, as a test of his love.
  • He agrees.