Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Lost
by William Shakespeare
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Love's Labour's Lost Love Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

PRINCESS OF FRANCE: God bless my ladies! Are they all in love,
That every one her own hath garnished
With such bedecking ornaments of praise? (2.1.14)

None of the ladies admits love, but swoony and love-struck descriptions such as this one give them away.

Quote #5

BOYET: If my observation, which very seldom lies,
By the heart's still rhetoric disclosed with eyes,
Deceive me not now, Navarre is infected. (2.1.98)

Boyet sniffs out the King's love for the Princess of France. It was common in Elizabethan poetry to describe love as a sickness.

Quote #6

BEROWNE: And I, forsooth, in love; I, that have been love's whip…(4.3.76)

Berowne is shocked that even he – usually so skeptical – is vulnerable to love.

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