Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Lost
by William Shakespeare
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Love's Labour's Lost Men and Masculinity Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

MARIA: A man of sovereign parts, peerless esteem'd,
Well fitted in arts, glorious in arms;
Nothing becomes him ill that he would well. (2.1.7)

Here we see what Elizabethan women wanted in a man: a good reputation, education, and strength in battle.

Quote #5

DUMAIN: O, would the King, Berowne and Longaville,
Were lovers too! (4.3.36)

While the women share everything – the notes, gifts and speeches from their suitors – the men try to be strong and keep their own secrets.

Quote #6

BEROWNE: O, me, with what strict patience have I sat,
To see a king transformed to a gnat! (4.3.39)

In his hypocritical tirade, Berowne teases the King for letting love make him small.

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