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Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour's Lost


by William Shakespeare

Princess of France Timeline and Summary

  • The Princess arrives at Navarre with her entourage. She has business to discuss with the King of Navarre.
  • She's not happy to hear that they have to camp out because the King has sworn off women.
  • Boyet tells her the King has fallen in love with her.
  • After a round of hunting, Costard mistakenly delivers Armado's letter to Jaquenetta, thinking it was from Berowne to Rosaline. The ladies listen to Boyet read it aloud.
  • Informed by Boyet that the men plan to visit them in disguise, the Princess comes up with a trick to play. They'll switch disguises so the men address themselves to the wrong woman.
  • When the men return as themselves, the Princess and her ladies continue to harass them.
  • All settle down to watch a play performed by the rustics. At the height of hilarity, the messenger Marcade enters to announce that the King of France is dead.
  • Instantly preparing to go, the Princess explains that they only played along with the love games for fun. In a tender speech that reveals her feeling for the King, she asks him to spend a year in a monastery. If he still loves her, she's his.