Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Lost
by William Shakespeare
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Love's Labour's Lost Principles Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

PRINCESS OF FRANCE: Now by my maiden honour, yet as pure
As the unsullied lily…(5.2.172)

The Princess shames the King by bringing up her own virtue.

Quote #8

PRINCESS OF FRANCE: So much I hate a breaking cause to be
Of heavenly oaths, vowed with integrity. (5.2.172)

How much of this is the Princess messing with the King? She's a pretty serious lady – maybe on some level, she means it. She's not sure she can trust this guy.

Quote #9

PRINCESS OF FRANCE: Peace, peace, forbear;
Your oath once broke, you force not to forswear. (5.2.210)

The Princess has the King in a trap. She's about to reveal that he wooed Rosaline – forcing him to "forswear" or betray himself again.

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