Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Lost
by William Shakespeare
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Love's Labour's Lost Time Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

KING: Now, at the latest minute of the hour,
Grant us your loves.
PRINCESS OF FRANCE: A time, methinks, too short
To make a world-without-end bargain in. (5.2.377-378)

Displaying that caution that will probably make her a good queen, the Princess asks the King not to rush things.

Quote #8

PRINCESS OF FRANCE: go with speed
To some forlorn and naked hermitage,
Remote from all the pleasures of the world;
There stay until the twelve celestial signs
Have brought about the annual reckoning. (5.2.378)

The Princess now forwards the argument proposed by Berowne in the very first scene – all things in good time. Time will prove the King's devotion.

Quote #9

BEROWNE: A twelvemonth? Well, befall what will befall,
I'll jest a twelvemonth in an hospital. (5.2.387)

Berowne makes this vow to Rosaline easily and quickly – such a contrast to the unwilling acquiescence in Act 1.

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