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Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Luke Chapter 11:1-13 Summary

Prayer for Dummies

  • Jesus happens to be praying. Surprise!
  • One of his disciples wants to know how to pray better and so commences Prayer 101. Interested? Go check it out.
  • Jesus offers a little illustration for how prayer works.
  • Say your friend knocks on your door at 2 a.m., "Dude, can I borrow some food?"
  • Your friend explains that his buddy, who's been on the road, just stopped by, but there's no more chips and Mountain Dew left to offer him, and the store's closed.
  • At first you tell him to go away. You're all warm and cozy in your bed. Case closed.
  • But your friend persists. The conversation goes something like this.
  • "Come on, dude."
  • "No."
  • "Please, dude."
  • "No. That's final."
  • "Dude?"
  • Growl.
  • "I thought we were friends, dude."
  • "Bah! Okay. Here's some food."
  • The lesson? If you're annoying enough, you get what you want. Prayer is basically annoying God, who will eventually give you what you need.
  • Jesus draws some conclusions: ask, seek, knock, and you will get what you're after.
  • Jesus gives another illustration, which focuses on the fact that disciples should pray to God as "Father" (recall 11:2).
  • If a son asks his dad for a fish or an egg, he's not going to give the boy a snake or scorpion. So if dumb, wicked dads can do it on a smaller scale, it's pretty certain that God the Father will dole out the Holy Spirit to whoever asks.

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