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by John Milton

Lycidas Resources


Milton at the Poetry Foundation

Here you can read his biography in more detail than you ever could have hoped for.

Milton Mobile

Are you a fan of Milton? Learn more about him at this site, where you can get the scoop on your favorite poet anywhere you can connect to the wonderful World Wide Web.

More on Milton, including audio, images, and video.

Seventeenth Century Culture

This website walks you through Milton's life and the culture of the seventeenth century, using quotes and images. You'll feel like you're back in Jolly Old England with Jolly Old John. Except, you know, with electricity.


Lycidas Lecture

Check out the first of a two-part lecture series from Yale professor John Rogers, who really knows his stuff.

Lycidas Lecture Continued

Don't forget the second half.


Listen to Lycidas

A brief introduction and a reading of the poem, from Scroll down the page to "Lycidas," where you can download the file or stream it. Hearing these hundred-years old lines read aloud is quite a thrill.

Lycidas Aloud

Or, try a listen here, at


John Milton

A young John Milton, rocking a center part.

John Milton

An older John Milton, looking much the same.

"Lycidas" in Manuscript

"Lycidas," from Milton's notebook. Go ahead – snoop.


The Complete Poetry of John Milton

Get it all here, folks!

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