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Ma'at Photos

Blessing Queen Nefertari's Tomb
A painting of me blessing Nefertari's tomb. I remember her husband, Ramses II, was so sad. What a beautiful monument he gave her! [Painting of Ma'at from the tomb of Nefertari, 19th Dynasty (ca. 1250 BCE)]

Guarding the door
I sit at the doorway of Ramses III's tomb, making sure that only truth gets inside. [Artist's rendering of the paintings at the doorway of KV11, the tomb of Ramses III in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Originally painted by Tresea Dutertre before 1842. Image from the Theban Mapping Project, 2010.]

Good luck Scarab
Nubian kings liked to carry me around for good luck. [Drawing of the detail on a Third Intermediate Period (ca. 730 BCE) scarab of King Piye, including the goddess Ma'at. Drawing 2012 by Walters Art Museum.]

Making Osiris's Day
Pharaohs often give me as a gift to other gods. Here's a time where Ramses III gave me to Osiris. Everybody can use a little truth and order, right? Especially poor Ramses, since he was murdered… [Ramses III offering Ma'at to Osiris, from his tomb (KV11, Valley of the Kings), ca. 1155BCE]

Hello, Sweetie!
Ramses II gives me back to my boyfriend, Thoth, who's just monkeying around. [Ramses II offering Ma'at to Thoth in baboon form, from a New Kingdom scarab (ca. 1279-1269BCE). Drawing 2012 by Walters Art Museum.]

My favorite dress
Some people think Truth should only wear white. But I like my dresses as loud as I can get them! [Drawing of Ma'at from Meyers Konversationslexicons, 4th Edition (1885-1890)]

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