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Ma'at's Wall


Party at my place this weekend. Bring food. I have the board games. Let's play Jenga!

Let's not.

Why not?

You always win. You have the best sense of balance of all of us.

Is THAT why none of you ever beat me? I never realized.

Lady Ma'at, could you answer a question for me?


Should I be king, or should Seth be king?

likes this.

likes this.

You know I must remain neutral, young man. Ra will deliver his judgment soon.

But it's already been 70 years! I'm getting tired of all these tests.

Tough, kid. You think being king is easy?

likes this.


For once, son, I have to agree with my brother.

Nobody wants to help me! It's so unfair. 

Grow up.


likes this.

invited Ma'at to an event: Poetry reading.

Oh, I'd love to come. It sounds wonderful!

I'd love it if you would read some of your poems, sweetheart.


Sweetheart? What about my poems?

You can read your poems too, honey.

Honey? What's going on here?


Yeah, what's this about?

Both of you, just come to the reading. We need to talk.

Queen Hatshepsut

Great Ma'at, long have I worshipped you and honored your name. I would like to know if it'd be okay for me to take your name as part of my coronation titles when I become Pharaoh.

Pharaoh? But you're a woman.

Queen Hatshepsut

Well, I'm planning on dressing up as a man for the ceremonies. Besides, the spirit of kingship is male, since it belongs to Horus, right?

likes this.

Very well. You know that people are going to think this is wrong, don't you?

Queen Hatshepsut

That's why I want to use your name. Ma'at-ka-Ra Hatshepsut, doesn't that sound good?

You're a very clever woman.

Queen Hatshepsut

likes this.

If Seth sends me one more invitation to Mafia Wars, I'm unfriending him.

Come on, it's just a game. I need more guns if I'm ever going to beat Horus the Younger.

I don't take sides. And I don't play gangster games!

You're such a goody two shoes.

Watch it, Seth.

likes this.

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