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Macbeth Act 5, Scene 10 Summary Page 1

  • Macbeth enters the stage alone and says he refuses to "play the Roman fool" (someone who would choose noble suicide in the face of defeat, like, ahem Antony).
  • Macduff enters and calls Macbeth a "hell-hound" and Macbeth talks a little trash in return: I already killed your family so you best be steppin' back now unless you want me to have your blood on my hands too. Macduff is having none of it.
  • They fight, and Macbeth continues to be cocky. He says Macduff hasn't got a chance since he, Macbeth, can't be killed by anyone "of woman born."
  • That's funny, says Macduff, because "Macduff was from his mother's womb / Untimely ripped." In other words? He was delivered, prematurely, via cesarean section. And apparently that means he wasn't "born."Don't anyone tell Macduff's mom. Recovering from a medieval C-section was probably no fun. (Well, to be honest, she probably died, like the lady whose son, Robert II, may have been an inspiration for Macduff.)
  • Macbeth curses the "juggling fiends" and their twisted prophesy.Now that he's knows he's not invulnerable, he doesn't want to fight Macduff anymore—but he also doesn't want to yield. Since he has to pick one, he decides to keep fighting… right until Macduff kills him.
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