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Macbeth Act 5, Scene 11 Summary Page 1

  • Malcolm, Siward, Ross, the thanes and soldiers all assess what's been going down during the battle at the castle.
  • It looks like Siward's son (Young Siward) and Macduff are missing.
  • Ross delivers the news that Young Siward was slain by Macbeth. That's OK, says Young Siward's dad, at least he died "like a man." In fact, he kind of wishes he had a lot of sons so they could all die in battle.
  • Things seriously improve when Macduff shows up waving Macbeth's severed head.Everyone turns to Malcolm and yells "Hail, King of Scotland." Hmm. Isn't that how the witches greeted Macbeth back at the beginning of the play?
  • Malcolm delivers the play's final speech, which goes something like this: All the Scottish thanes will be made earls, as in the English system, making them the first earls in Scottish history. Plus, everyone who had to flee the country because of Macbeth's tyranny can come back home now.
  • But, all those who helped "the dead butcher and his fiend-like queen" are going to be in serious trouble because King Malcolm's going to fix everything.
  • And now, it's time to party down at the coronation ceremony at Scone. Hope you remembered to bring your snacks.
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