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Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve

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Queen Maeve Photos

    Maeve and a Druid
    My chief Druid here is just about to tell me that I will definitely make it back from battle alive. And I did! He's a pretty good druid. [Queen Maeve and the Druid by Eleanor Hull, from The Boys' Cúchulainn, 1904]

    Me. Being gorgeous. As usual. [Queen Maeve from T. W. Rolleston, Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911.]

    Maeve's Grave
    This is my cairn out in Sligo. Is this too morbid? Hmmm. ["Sligo medb" by Maelor, 2006]

    Tara, Ireland
    Tara: one of my two favorite places in the world. The other is Cruachain. ["Banqueting Hall area of the Hill of Tara, County Meath, Ireland" by Brholden, 2007]

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