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Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve

Home Mythology Queen Maeve Police Reports
 Table of Contents

Queen Maeve's Police Reports

Maeve vs. Clothra

Case Description: Queen Maeve is wanted for the murder of her sister, Clothra, who was pregnant with the child of Maeve's former husband, Connor mac Nessa. The child (Furbaide, see his case in "Mae...

Maeve & Ailill vs. the People of Ulster #1: The Bull

Case Description: Complainants (People of Ulster) accuse the defendants (Queen Maeve and King Ailill) of the attempted theft of, and subsequent battle over, the Brown Bull of Cooley.Case Status: Ca...

Maeve & Ailill vs. the People of Ulster #2: The Pig and the Hound

Case Description: There is a dispute over who should receive the hound of Mac Da Thó. Both Connacht (Maeve & Ailill) and Ulster (Connor mac Ness) want it. Mac Da Thó is pretty convinced that...

The Briccriu's Feast Problem

Case Description: Due to some mischief sown by the naughty Briccriu (he's a guy similar to Loki), Conall, Loegaire, and Cúchulainn are embroiled in a heated case, which seeks to prove who is the m...

Maeve, Ailill, and Nera vs. the Sidhe (Fairy) People

Case Description: The claimants (the Sidhe) accuse the defendants (Queen Maeve, King Ailill, and their army) of making war on them and burning down their home. Additional defendants (Nera and his w...

Maeve, Conall Cernach vs. The Estate of Ailill mac Máta

Case Description: Conall Cernach is accused of the murder of King Ailill. Queen Maeve is accused of collusion for hiring Conall to commit the act of violence. Case Status: Pending. Maeve argues it...

Queen Maeve vs. Furbaide

Case Description: Furbaide is being tried for the murder of Queen Maeve. Furbaide is Maeve's nephew (see case entitled "Maeve vs. Clothra" for details). He shot Maeve in the head by use of a slings...

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