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Queen Maeve's Wall


So I was thinking about hosting a feast for my fellow pretty ladies. I could use a little more girl time in my life. Ailill is getting on my nerves.

In. Can I bring anything?

Well, we have all a manner of earthly delights down here, but I've been jonesing for some ambrosia.

Awww yeah. Ladies' Night. You guys want to watch Top Gun? I am also pro-Purple Rain.

I heard Justin Bieber was in a new movie! I just think he's the most adorable little thing.

ehhhh… How about the second Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.? Punching, pretty faces, and period costumes. Everyone's happy.

Can I come? I love parties! I'm THE BEST at parties!

Girls only. Don't try to sneak in again, either. I am not above smacking a giant.


Can *I* come?

…Yes. Yes, you can come.


So three warriors just rode up to our house. Are we dead, Mom? Are we totally going to die today?

King Ailill

Who? What??


Conall, Loegaire, and Cúchulainn are waiting outside the front gate.

King Ailill

Why? We haven't even raided anyone this season.

You could get your butt off of Reddit and see for yourself.


Hey guys! No worries. We just need y'all to settle a little dispute for us.


Yeah, it's nothing big. We're just trying to decide, in a variety of manly ways, who's the best.

Oh. Oh yeah, that's totally fine. I'll have Ned, our gate guy, let you in. You guys might consider calling ahead next time—just for future reference. You nearly gave my daughter a heart attack.

I hear Macha's special baby-curse is in full effect in Ulster right now. All the dudes feel like they're giving birth and are bedridden for at LEAST five days. Totally thinking about raiding them.

Connor mac Nessa

Don't you dare.

Remember how I left you and don't care about what you think? Also, you've got stuff I want.

Connor mac Nessa

We still have Cúchulainn, you know.

Um, well, I'm actually cakin' it with a fair maiden in the woods right now, but I guess I could be back by tomorrow? I'll set up a geis or something so Maeve can't pass the river.

Connor mac Nessa

. . . 

Not discouraged, Nessy. Sorry.

Connor mac Nessa

Maeve, you are an animal.

That's funny, coming from you. Speaking of animals, hey @Mac Da Thó, is that hound of yours still available?

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