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The Man He Killed

The Man He Killed


by Thomas Hardy

The Man He Killed Resources


Thomas Hardy on Poets.org

A lot of what you'll find about Mr. Hardy focuses on his uber-famous novels. But here's an angle on the man from a poet's perspective.

Victorian Thomas

Victorian Web is always a great place for one stop shopping on those snooty Brits. And wouldn't you know? They've got a page on Hardy.


… in the Thomas Hardy Society, where you can join other Hardy die hards.


The Man and the Music

Because everyone needs to read the poem with Gary Jules singing "Mad World" in the background.

The Saddest Song in the World

Folk rockers the Goldoolins perform a live acoustic version of the poem starting at about 2:45.


Hear It, Shmoopers

Fancy accent? Dramatic tone? This one's got it all.


Check out the studio version of the ditty. Kind of perky for a war song, right?


The Poet

Why so serious?

Boer Wars

These guys aren't out for a walk in the park.

Historical Documents

"The Man He Killed" in Harper's

The first publication of the poem included stage directions for the unimaginative American audience. (We kid!)


Selected Poems

Like what you read? Check out Hardy's greatest hits in verse.

Thomas Hardy: An Illustrated Biography

Because we all need a picture book every once in a while.

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