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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

Aramis Timeline and Summary

  • Aramis converses with a prisoner who turns out to be Philippe, the King of France's twin brother.
  • Aramis offers to secretly get him out of jail and put him on the throne, in exchange for power, fame, fortune, and control of people's souls.
  • After successfully exchanging the twins while at a big party at Vaux, Aramis relates the story to Fouquet, a courtier whose life had been in danger while King Louis was in power.
  • Fouquet is outraged at such an act of treason, and tells Aramis that he has four hours' head start to get out of town. Because Fouquet is a compassionate man, he says Aramis can seek refuge in his fortress, Belle-Isle.
  • Aramis takes off with Porthos, leaving Philippe to fend for himself.
  • On the way to Belle-Isle, the Aramis and Porthos stop for a visit with Athos, who is busy consoling his son Raoul.
  • Aramis tells the truth about the situation to Athos. Aramis and Porthos then head to Belle-Isle.
  • On Belle-Isle, Aramis is finally obliged to tell Porthos the whole truth behind their flight.
  • D'Artagnan comes over for a visit and three friends attempt to formulate a way out of their situation.
  • No such luck; D'Artagnan is foiled by the King's representatives at every turn and the rebels are left facing a small army.
  • Aramis devises an escape plan. He supervises the killing of over a hundred soldiers. (Porthos does the leg work.)
  • After burying his friend, Porthos, Aramis heads to Spain and reinvents himself as a Spanish duke.
  • Four years later, he returns to France and is welcomed at court as an ambassador.
  • Aramis is the only member of the four Musketeers who is alive at the novel's end.