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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

Athos Timeline and Summary

  • Athos consoles his heartbroken son, Raoul.
  • Aramis and Porthos pop in for a visit, and Athos learns of Aramis's attempts to exchange one king for another.
  • Monsieur le Duc de Beaufort is the next visitor to Athos's home. He will soon be leaving to embark on a military campaign to Africa and wants to say good-bye.
  • Raoul immediately begs permission to serve as the duke's aide-de-camp. Athos is deeply upset because it's clear Raoul is going into this war with a death wish, but agrees to let Raoul go.
  • Athos accompanies his son to the coast so the two can spend some time together before Raoul's departure. Before they leave, however, they search out D'Artagnan to say their good-byes.
  • Athos and Raoul determine that D'Artagnan is heading to Cannes. Luckily, this is along the same route Athos and Raoul will be taking.
  • As they head to the coast, the two men fail to hear anything about D'Artagnan. Athos assumes D'Artagnan is being deliberately secretive while on a mission for the King.
  • A chance encounter with fishermen convinces Athos that D'Artagnan is on the island of Ste. Marguerite, escorting taking Philippe to a life of captivity.
  • Athos and Raoul head out to the island, where they catch up with D'Artagnan.
  • Athos meets Philippe and is sympathetic to the man's plight.
  • Back home, Athos sinks deeper and deeper into depression. He is waiting to die.
  • Athos waits until he is certain Raoul is dead, and then dies to rejoin his beloved son.