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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Twenty-Two: Showing How Orders Were Respected at the Bastille Summary

  • Fouquet races towards the Bastille, still unsure if Aramis was telling the truth.
  • When he shows up at the Bastille, the soldiers do not believe Monsieur Fouquet could have traveled so rapidly from Vaux.
  • Fouquet causes a grand commotion, causing Baisemeaux to come rushing out of the prison brandishing a sword.
  • Fouquet walks into the Bastille with Baisemeaux, who, was totally ignorant of the crime he helped commit.
  • Fouquet learns that a prisoner named Marchiali was released and subsequently re-instated by Aramis.
  • Baisemeaux refuses to release Marchiali without a signed order from the King.
  • Fouquet threatens to leave and return with ten thousand men and thirty cannons if Baisemeaux doesn't release the prisoner.
  • Fouquet gives Baisemeaux ten minutes to make up his mind. Meanwhile, he starts writing out orders for armed men to storm the Bastille.
  • Baisemeaux finally takes Fouquet to see Marchiali.
  • As they ascend the staircase, Louis's howling can be heard clearly.
  • Fouquet grabs the key from Baisemeaux and tells him leave.
  • Louis continues shouting that he is the King, and that Fouquet had put him in the Bastille.
  • Fouquet opens the door.

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