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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Twenty-Five: In Which Porthos Thinks He Is Pursuing a Dukedom Summary

  • Porthos and Aramis get away from Vaux as fast as possible.
  • Eventually, Porthos asks his friend what the deal is. Aramis responds that their fortune depends on their speed, and Porthos naturally assumes he will be receiving a dukedom.
  • Aramis is on edge and freaking out, as might be expected from a man who got caught trying to lock the King up in prison. He pushes the two of them forward and away from Vaux. The two men change for fresh horses at every post.
  • At the next post, there are no fresh horses available. Aramis starts freaking out again, convinced that the King is somehow behind this, when he remembers that Athos lives nearby.
  • Aramis asks the postmaster for transportation to Athos's house.
  • Porthos is now convinced they are on a secret mission for the King.
  • Athos and his son, Raoul have become closer since La Valliere left Raoul for King Louis.
  • Father and son now spend their time talking about La Valliere, King Louis XIV, and the institution of the monarchy.
  • They are engaged in talking about one of these topics when a bell rings, signaling the arrival of visitors.

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