The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask
by Alexandre Dumas
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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Seven: Another Supper at the Bastille Summary

  • It is seven o'clock at the Bastille, and Aramis is having dinner with Baisemeaux. Apparently, Aramis is being positively raunchy with his choice of stories.
  • Baisemeaux commands one of his servants to close the windows, but Aramis requests that they remain open. He is waiting for the sound of a courier's arrival.
  • At about eight o'clock, a courier arrives.
  • Baisemeaux would prefer to continue eating and drinking with Aramis, rather than pay attention to the courier, but Aramis skillfully manipulates him into reading the message. It is an order of release for a prisoner named Seldon.
  • Now Aramis must convince Baisemeaux to release the prisoner right away instead of waiting until after dinner. The order says that the matter is urgent, but Baisemeaux points out that this man has been in prison for over ten years, and suddenly his release is urgent.
  • Again Aramis convinces Baisemeaux not to wait any longer. He begs the man to release the prisoner.
  • While Baisemeaux's back is turned, Aramis switches the order for one that he takes from his pocket.

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