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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Eight: The General of the Order Summary

  • Baisemeaux finally thinks of a good excuse: the prisoner will have nowhere to go at this hour of the day.
  • Aramis says he will take the prisoner wherever he wishes to go.
  • Baisemeaux gives the order to release Seldon.
  • Aramis asks if he meant Marchiali.
  • The two argue for a minute before Baisemeaux picks up the order and is astonished to read the name "Marchiali."
  • Baisemeaux is deeply confused. He wants confirmation from his superiors on which prisoner ought to be released.
  • It becomes clear to Baisemeaux that this is a counterfeit order.
  • Finally, Aramis writes an order on a sheet of paper that the order releasing Marchiali must be obeyed immediately. He signs it as the General of the Order.
  • Baisemeaux is shocked and tries to decide on a course of action. Aramis very gently tells him not to think too hard about it.
  • Baisemeaux releases Marchiali. Aramis steps forward and offers the services of his carriage.
  • Aramis leaves with the prisoner.
  • They drive into the middle of the forest so the two can have a proper heart to heat. The guy driving the carriage is deaf and dumb.
  • They take the carriage off the road to avoid other travelers.
  • Aramis takes off the pistols he was carrying.

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