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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

King Louis XIV Timeline and Summary

  • The King is sleeping with La Valliere, who used to be engaged to Athos's son, Raoul.
  • He goes to party at Vaux, where he plans to arrest his host.
  • The King sulks because Vaux is more lavish than his castle.
  • La Valliere pleads with him to spare Fouquet (the host of the party).
  • The King, swept away by his love, consents.
  • As La Valliere leaves, Colbert plants a letter.
  • The King, thinking that the letter dropped out of La Valliere's pocket, and assuming that it's a love note for him, reads it. Instead, it's a love letter from Fouquet to La Valliere.
  • We learn that La Valliere has rejected Fouquet's advances, but the King immediately suspects his mistress of defending Fouquet out of love. Now Fouquet's fate really is sealed.
  • Then Louis goes to bed and wakes up as a prisoner in the Bastille.
  • He starts going crazy.
  • Fouquet frees the King and they go back to Vaux to confront that imposter.
  • The King orders his twin to be locked up far away. D'Artagnan is just the man for the job.
  • The King goes to Nantes. There, he orders D'Artagnan to arrest Fouquet.
  • Aft wards, the King orders D'Artagnan to capture Belle-Isle.
  • The King and D'Artagnan disagree on this issue: D'Artagnan refuses to use violence to bring in his friends. The King wins.
  • Four years later, the King trades in La Valliere for a new mistress.