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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

Porthos Timeline and Summary

  • Porthos is distraught because he has nothing to wear to the party at Vaux.
  • Porthos helps Aramis swap the King of France for a prisoner from the Bastille.
  • He flees with Aramis to Belle-Isle when the plan fails. He thinks they're on a secret mission for the King.
  • Aramis finally tells Porthos the truth when they're at Belle-Isle, surrounded by the King's soldiers. Rather than flee, Porthos decides to stick it out with Aramis.
  • Porthos has a premonition that he will die soon, and writes his will.
  • Aramis and Porthos attempt to make their escape from a grotto on the island. Porthos kills over a hundred soldiers.
  • The getaway boat is ready and Porthos is seconds away from safety when his legs give out. He cannot escape from the grotto.
  • Porthos dies in an explosion and subsequent rock fall.