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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

The Man in the Iron Mask Resources

Movie or TV Productions

Movie, 1939

The Man in the Iron Mask in black and white!

TV Series, 1977

Nominated for two Primetime Emmys.

Animated Version, 1985

Made-for-TV and released in Australia.

Movie, 1998

This version of The Man in the Iron Mask stars Leonardo DiCaprio as both the King and the Man in the Iron Mask. Jeremy Irons play Aramis, John Malkovitch acts as Athos, and Gabriel Byrne is D'Artagnan. You can also catch a glimpse of Hugh Laurie, better known today as Dr. House, wearing a massive wig.


King Louis XIV

Tights were the fashion back then.

Louise de la Valliere

The woman who caused Raoul so much suffering.

Madame de Montespan

King's mistress #2.

Map of Belle-Isle

The white dot shows the island's location with respect to the rest of France. The red dot shows the capital's location on the island.


Man in the Iron Mask Essay by Dumas
This essay by Dumas gives readers insight into the genesis of The Man in the Iron Mask.


Profile of Dumas

A Random House profile of the author, along with a list of his translated works.

Official Dumas Society Website

The official site of the Société des Amis d'Alexandre Dumas. It's primarily in French, but they do have an English translation.

If You Hanker for a Visit to Belle-Isle…

Here's their tourism website. Locmaria, it turns out, is a real location on Belle-Isle!

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