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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


by Alexandre Dumas

The Man in the Iron Mask Learning Guide: Table of Contents

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory
Porthos as Strength
King Louis XIV as France, the Sun, etc.
White Horse, Black Horse
Narrator Point of View
Writing Style
What's Up With the Title?
What's Up With the Ending?
Plot Analysis
Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis: Tragedy
Three Act Plot Analysis
Steaminess Rating
Brief Summary
Chapter One: The Prisoner
Chapter Two: How Mouston Became Fatter Without Informing Porthos, and the Troubles Which Consequently Befell That Worthy Gentlemen
Chapter Three: Who M. Jean Percerin Was
Chapter Four: The Samples
Chapter Five: Where, Probably, Molière Formed His First Idea of the Bourgeois Gentillhomme
Chapter Six: The Beehive, the Bees, and the Honey
Chapter Seven: Another Supper at the Bastille
Chapter Eight: The General of the Order
Chapter Nine: The Tempter
Chapter Ten: Crown and Tiara
Chapter Eleven: The Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte
Chapter Twelve: The Wine of Melun
Chapter Thirteen: Nectar and Ambrosia
Chapter Fourteen: A Gascon and a Gascon and a Half
Chapter Fifteen: Colbert
Chapter Sixteen: Jealousy
Chapter Seventeen: High Treason
Chapter Eighteen: A Night at the Bastille
Chapter Nineteen: The Shadow of M. Fouquet
Chapter Twenty: The Morning
Chapter Twenty-One: The King's Friend
Chapter Twenty-Two: Showing How Orders Were Respected at the Bastille
Chapter Twenty-Three: The King's Gratitude
Chapter Twenty-Four: The False King
Chapter Twenty-Five: In Which Porthos Thinks He Is Pursuing a Dukedom
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Last Adieus
Chapter Twenty-Seven: M. de Beaufort
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Preparations for Departure
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Planchet's Inventory
Chapter Thirty: The Inventory of M. de Beaufort
Chapter Thirty-One: The Silver Dish
Chapter Thirty-Two: Captive and Jailers
Chapter Thirty-Three: Promises
Chapter Thirty-Four: Among Women
Chapter Thirty-Five: The Last Supper
Chapter Thirty-Six: In the Carriage of M. Colbert
Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Two Lighters
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Friendly Advice
Chapter Thirty-Nine: How King Louis XIV Played His Little Part
Chapter Forty: The White Horse and the Black Horse
Chapter Forty-One: In Which the Squirrel Falls – in Which the Adder Flies
Chapter Forty-Two: Belle-Isle-en-Mer
Chapter Forty-Three: The Explanations of Aramis
Chapter Forty-Four: Result of the Ideas of the King and the Ideas of D'Artagnan
Chapter Forty-Five: The Ancestors of Porthos
Chapter Forty-Six: The Son of Biscarrat
Chapter Forty-Seven: the Grotto of Locmaria
Chapter Forty-Eight: The Grotto
Chapter Forty-Nine: A Homeric Song
Chapter Fifty: The Death of a Titan
Chapter Fifty-One: The Epitaph of Porthos
Chapter Fifty-Two: The Round of M. de Gesvres
Chapter Fifty-Three: King Louis XIV
Chapter Fifty-Four: The Friends of M. Fouquet
Chapter Fifty-Five: Porthos's Will
Chapter Fifty-Six: The Old Age of Athos
Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Vision of Athos
Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Angel of Death
Chapter Fifty-Nine: The Bulletin
Chapter Sixty: The Last Canto of the Poem
The Death of D'Artagnan
D'Artagnan Timeline
Aramis Timeline

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