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The Man-Moth

The Man-Moth


by Elizabeth Bishop

The Man-Moth Resources


Poet in the City

A blog dedicated to exploring the relationship between Elizabeth Bishop's poetry and New York City. This even includes a map of all the places she lived in the city. It's like Sex and the City without the shoes, or the men, or the fashion. Okay, it's absolutely nothing like Sex and the City.

Weird Science

Dr. Karl Shuker, one of the most famous cryptozoologists in the world and "poodle moth" expert, has a blog. Yep, this is him.

Queen of Arts

Bishop wasn't just a poet, she was also a painter, a musician, and a collector of art. Check out her paintings and some of her collected pieces in this online version of a recent exhibition at Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York.


Spotlight on Bishop

We have to admit that this is a film that many a poetry professor has put on when he forgot to plan for a lecture, but it's really interesting to see poets talk about another poet so openly. Where else are you going to hear someone say something like "she had amusing hair" about someone so famous? Oh, and don't miss the recitation of the bathroom poem.

If Bishop Had a YouTube Channel

A collection of Bishop's poems put to music. One of them is a song composed for the Twilight movie New Moon. It didn't make it into the movie, but the composer has good taste at least.


A Little Weird

Actually a lot weird. We're not sure why, but the only recording we could find of anyone reading "The Man-Moth" is this trippy, slowed-down version. You probably shouldn't leave this playing at night while you sleep.

Karl Pilkington's Take

Nothing to do with the poem, but we couldn't resist including this clip from the great Ricky Gervais show. Listen to infamous dolt Karl Pilkington muddle through the still-confusing concept of mammoth versus man-moth.

Time Warp

Check out this interview with Elizabeth Bishop from 1977.

Bishop Read by Someone a Little Unexpected

This guy has a fabulous accent, and a nifty hat. He's reading Bishop's poem "The Miracle Breakfast."


Bishop reads one of her favorite poems, "Roosters."


Unrequited Love

This would be a romantic picture of Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop together on a beach, except that we know Bishop said no when Lowell asked him to marry her. C'est la vie.

Everyone Loves Cats…

…so here's a picture of Elizabeth Bishop and a cat.

Just Want to Pinch Those Little Cheeks

Here's a picture of Bishop as a child. Awww.

Articles and Interviews

Posthumous Fisticuffs

Some people are not happy about the latest book of Bishop's unpublished poems.

Different Strokes from Different Folks

Here's a collection of discussions on what "The Man-Moth" may be all about.

A Real Insider

Check out this obituary of Alice Methfessel, Bishop's long-time partner and the executor of Bishop's estate.


One Stop Shopping

This anthology includes all of Bishop's published poems, split up by the individual book that they were originally published in. It also includes some extra goodies and features one of her paintings on the cover.

Hearts & Heads

A collection of letters between Bishop and Robert Lowell, the poet she would have married if, you know, she'd been into men.

Movies & TV

Just a Wee One

Here's a short film based on Bishop's poem "One Art."

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