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Manannán mac Lir

Manannán mac Lir

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Manannán mac Lir Photos

    Home, Sweet Home
    It's good to be home. This is Peel Castle, one of the star attractions on the Isle of Man. [Finn Bjorklid, June 13, 2006, "Peel Castle at Peel, Isle of Man."]

    My magic pigs
    I've got magic pigs—I can roast and eat them one day. The next day, they're somehow alive again and ready to be nibbled on. [USDA, "More piglets," May 5, 2003.]

    Master of My Domain
    I'm considered a protector of Ireland—all of it, down to every last town and village. ["A map highlighting the four provinces of Ireland," May 8, 2012.]

    Sir Waves-a-Lot
    The ocean's my first love – I love taking a midnight swim. [The Ninth Wave by Ivan Alvazovsky, 1850]

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